2016 Projects

  • Craw Home Addition

    Craw Single-Story Home Addition

    The Craw Single-Story Home Addition converts an existing master bedroom onto a master bath with walk-in closet and provides an access hallway to the new addition. The new addition houses the new master bedroom. Plans for this project were designed on February of 2016. The building pemit for this project was expedited and approved for construction on February of 2016 at the Bureau of Development Services of the City of Portland.

  • Lynch Residence As-Builts

    Lynch Residence As-Builts

    The Lynch Residence As-Builts Project consisted of drafting plans of the basement, main and upper floors of this existing beautiful house. This magnificent home has over 4,000 square feet of liveable area and its as-built plans were designed on February of 2016. The residence is located at Vancouver Washington.

  • 28th Remodel

    28th Remodel

    To make a long story short, The 28th Remodel Project was initially designed by another draftsman whom happened to "disappear" from the face of earth when revisions to his plan's package were requested by the Bureau of Development Services of the City of Portland. Initially the project consisted of adding a dormer on the rear of the existing structure; this dormer was to add a bath. The checksheet (revisions) prompted the need of addressing existing structural issues (among many other things) and of changing in the building permit application the existing attic area from converted to unconverted since no records of former work was recorded at City of Portland. In other words, the upper area, including the existing dormer at front, were unpermitted and needed to be brought up to current code. Our new plan's package was designed on March of 2016 and a immediately routed to a structural engineer for calculations. The new plan's package was resubmitted to the city for changes and approved for construction on June of 2016.

  • Genauer ADU

    Genauer ADU

    The Genauer Accessory Dwelling Unit consisted of drafting construction building plans for permitting at the Bureau of Development Services of the City of Portland. Per project-owner requirement, the permitting process was conducted by the owner himself; therefore, as part of contract we had to provide redlines after completion based on City of Portland's requirements. The drafting sheets designed consisted of a Site Plan, Main and Upper Floor Plans, 4 Exterior Elevations, Foundation Plan, Framing Plan, Cross Sectional and Details. Based on lateral bracing requirements for seismic and wind-speed, the structural calculations were conducted by a structural engineer.

  • Arechiga New Home

    The Arechiga New Home project builds a 2,190 square feet home. The plan has a very modest layout and was designed per home owner needs. Home building plans for this project consisted of drafting the necessary construction documents for the home owner to expedite the permits himself at the City of Longview WA Building Permit Services. This plan's package included a set of redlines (changes) as warranty of service and in case those are requested by city officials when expediting the permit (a typical need in the process). Building plan's package was delivered to home owner in May of 2016.

  • Trigueros Home Addition

    Trigueros Home Addition

    Building plans forThe Trigueros Home Addition consisted of drafting architectural and structural sketches for a home addition with patio (at rear of property) and, a timber-beam front patio structure. On the main level, the new structure adds a living room, a master bedroom w/ walk-in closet and a master bath. On the upper level, the new attic trusses generate an unfinished attic space and two dormers. The existing kitchen was used as access to the new structure. The owner of this project, a colleage of mine, works as a Roof Truss Designer in a local lumber yard. Building plans for the project were generated on April/May of 2016 and the structural calculations for the project were provided by a Structural Engineer. The owner of the project will be expediting the building permit himself at the Community Development Services of Clark County Washington.


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